Center For Breast Deformities


Dr. Romita directs the “Center for Corrective Breast Surgery” at the advanced surgery center of Fort Lee New Jersey, conveniently located adjacent to the George Washington bridge. The center is accredited by the American Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers.


Breast deformities come in many forms, ranging from overly large and painful breasts, to breasts showing significant asymmetry from developmental abnormalities, or the results of badly done surgical procedures.

Fortunately, there are many new technologies in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery that allow the experienced breast surgeon to dramatically restore, shape, and balance unattractive, or painful, sagging breasts. These technologies include breast lifts, reductions, and or lift/ augmentations with the patients own tissue and fat injections when indicated. Implants when needed, can also be enhanced with the patient’ s own fat (composite augmentation). This enables the use of smaller implants or may eliminate the implant entirely. Old implants can be removed and the breast restored to a youthful appearance as well. The surgical techniques available for reduction-lifts have evolved dramatically in the past 10 years.

Insurance and Coverage Options

Dr. Romita uses use the most sophisticated procedures, optimized to each patient’s individual needs. His techniques are often classified as reconstructive, which uniquely allows for procedures to be covered by major medical insurance. Very large painful breasts often fall in this category, especially when documentation by a primary care physician or gynecologist provides a history of symptoms. Breasts which have undergone unsuccessful surgery in other centers needing scar revision, reduction, or removal of symptomatic implants, may also be covered. Only a consultation and review of the policy can determine who qualifies.


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Dr. Mauro Romita
is a highly experienced board-certified
plastic surgeon with over 35 years of experience in corrective breast surgery.