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A sexy derrière is always desirable—no matter what age. It is perceived as a symbol of youth, fitness, and sensuality. A less appealing, shapeless or square behind is often the result of fatty deposits above the buttocks, in the flanks or “love handle” area; below the buttocks, and on the outside of the thighs or “saddlebags”.  

Age, gravity, heredity or weight fluctuation might be keeping you from having the attractive, shapely backside you desire. When exercise just isn’t enough, Dr. Romita’s expert Thigh and Buttock procedures can safely sculpt your backside and create a shapelier silhouette.

How it works

Removing fat from these areas by liposuction while the skin is still firm can create a very pleasing profile without the need to make incisions in the buttocks and with minimal recovery time. Lifting the buttocks itself is not always necessary. A buttocks lift requires significant incisions, so the procedure should not be considered lightly.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure that uses your own fat from liposuction to improve the fullness and shape of the buttocks. This fat transfer procedure has the double benefit of creating more slender body contours while also enhancing the size and shape of your derrière. Stubborn fat that is difficult to eliminate through diet and exercise is removed and then used to augment the butt. In addition, the Brazilian Butt Lift is an excellent alternative to butt implants.


How long will it take?


The Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure that takes between 1½ to 4 hours to perform. The duration of the surgery varies, depending on the extent of the liposuction and fat transfer required.



In advance of your procedure, your surgeon will ask you to:

  • Stop smoking before undergoing surgery to better promote healing.

  • Avoid taking aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory drugs and some herbal medications that can cause increased bleeding.

  • Regardless of the type of surgery to be performed, hydration is very important before and after surgery for safe recovery.

  • If your surgeon recommends weight benchmarks or lifestyle changes, do your best to achieve them to ensure the best results and minimize the chance of complications.



Following your surgery, a special compression garment is placed around the buttocks to reduce swelling and soreness that will be apparent during the first few days. Patients should avoid putting pressure on their butt by lying on their side or stomach. 

After one-week patients are usually able to return to work and light activities. Sitting should be avoided as much as possible, and a donut-shaped or soft cushion should be used when sitting cannot be avoided. Active stretching is advised. Swelling and bruising will begin to resolve in areas treated with liposuction. In two-to-four weeks the majority of swelling and bruising will have resolved, and the body will have absorbed some of the fat cells. Patients should continue to avoid sitting without a cushion but can resume more strenuous physical activities.


You should notice results immediately after your surgery. However, the full outcome will be most noticeable after the swelling subsides over the first several weeks. After three months, the majority of the fat cells remaining in the butt should be permanent, and you will be able to enjoy your body’s new contours. 

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